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Support Manufacturing, LLC has developed into a complex diversified company over the years, below we try to break it down for everyone by divisional operation.

Sell Your Own Products

Support Manufacturing was incorperated 9/9/2009 in the State of Texas, USA. Our main office and operations is located at The Woodlands, Texas which 30 mins North from Houston. This company was original set up to represent both domestic and international manufactures around the globe

liquidation Services

Asian Sourcing Development Team was registered in England and Wales back in 2004. Its purpose was to import products from China into UK. Some of the first products were the first portable dvd players but quickly moved towards working with Tier 1 automotive OEMs


TheLowPriceGeneralStore began life as asdt-online-usa and has always operated in the consumer retail sector for products imported from overseas and sourced domestically here in the USA. Typical products, Electronics, Cables, Phone and Device Cases but also operates a small Clothing online outlet. You can find TheLowPriceGeneralStore at its own website but also marketplace sites such as eBay,Amazon,BidZaps,Google Shopping to mention a few


GETfromUSA was set up to export USA stocked products to Europe and Asia. Primary funtion was to other buyers around the world an easy low cost route to American products are low prices or just items not available in other countries. GETfromUSA has its own www/domain but only operates via and


247mailers engages in the sale/distribution of packing and shipping materials. Poly Bubbble mailers are the core products but also complementary items such as Tape and Labels. Currently products we sell are sourced from the USA but the future could change to manufacturing our own products. 247mailers operates on its own website but can also be seen on

BidZaps is our own Auction and Marketplace. Auction and Marketplace

Our Auction and Marketplace is for anybody to buy and sell around the globe. BidZaps has been around since early 2011 and has already attracted both domestic and international buyers and sellers. Most of BidZaps is Free to list your products, just sign up its free then buy or sell. We often sell clearance items via this sales channel at low low prices

Message from the President

Today our global business is relatively stable, with around 40% of sales exported to South America, Europe, South Africa, Australasia, Canada and Asia and the remainder shipping domestically within the USA.

Online retail sales have grown by around 50% for the last 12 months as we move towards new products to support the open box products that were one of the main sources of income. The "Support Retail" strategy has been working great and seen us move into new dynamic product markets that change with technology. This strategy helps retail stores with stock turns and ultimately helps manufactures shift product and not to mention customers enjoying great low prices.

We have decided to phase out the clothing apparel line during 2013 as we move in other directions, we need the space and resource for our team to focus on activity that provides continued growth and development for our company.

This year has also seen a refocusing on our core business that started our company where the company name originated, "Support Manufacturing" To do this we will be looking at our Industrial manufacturing partners with the view to expand products lines and look for new opportunity with new manufactures.

Thanks for your interest - Group President

Colin Brazier - Group President

Born in Dagenham,Educated in England and spent most of days in the UK until 2005 when the move to Texas, USA was completed. Working in various managerial functions gave him the experiance needed to start out with his own Company