Products Supplied by Support Manufacturing

Seat Belt TensionerSeal Belt Tensioner

Stamping (Cold)

Our factories produce a wide range of steel stampings, for a a wide range of applications

Various StampingsVarious Stampings

Stamped Parts

These pressings are processed with different finishes such as Zinc, Anodized

CSS TemplateCSS Template

Die Casting

Factories we represent product High and Low pressure Die Castings in various grades of Aluminum Alloys.

High Pressure Die CastingHigh Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Casting

High pressure die cast parts are great for medium volume and repeatability, not just high volume.

Screw Machined PartsScrew Machined Parts

Machined Parts

These parts are produced for Low, Medium and High volume customers. Machined range from prototyping to fully automatic screw machines

Screw Machined PartsScrew Machine Parts

Screw Machine Parts

Screw machine parts, also known as Turned parts are great for driving down the cost to manufacture.

CNC Machined PartsCNC Machined Parts

CNC Machining

CNC machined parts are available low to medium volume requirement, great for that precision part to drawing.

High Pressure Plastic Die MoldingHigh Pressure Plastic Die Molding

Plastic Molding

We have many injection molding options for varying complexity of parts,volume demands, and raw material specification

CSS TemplateBrake Hose Fittings

Brake Hose

These brake hose assemblies are used in automotive, truck and bus vehicles

Wheel Nuts and Suspesion U BoltsWheel Nuts and Suspension U Bolts

Wheel and Suspension

We represent this manufacture for Wheel Nuts, Bolts, Studs used on most types of highway and off highway vehicles.

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Rolled Parts

Rolled parts are great for high volume requirement where repeatability is critical at low cost. These parts have also been finished with a PPG paint

Power Steering Pump BodyPower Steering Pump Body

Shell Molding

Shell molding if a great choice where precision gravity molding is required, these Iron bodys are produced in India

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