Recovery of Charles Leclerc F1 Ferrari in Austin

One of my best moments in motorsport, never underestimate when a business opportunity comes your way. It might not be what your expecting ! This opportunity came while watching for traditional trackside intervention like spins, debris, crashes etc. however this time team Scuderia Ferrari decided to bring this smoking challenge direct to me and my intervention team at this years 2019 USGP in Austin.

We were under VSC (virtual safety car) while recovering car and race control was waiting my communication that we were clear and safe. Very tense moment with smoke present but as Global TV documents we clearly adapted to the business opportunity at our doorstep. My message here is always be on the lookout for the next big thing, be ready with a plan and if the opportunity does not have exact plan make adjustments decisively, safety first then execute to your best ability not always knowing what to expect.

Thanks for reminding us again of the great hashtag #USGP hashtag #F1 hashtag #Formula1 event Me on left, My Son Oliver on Right #scuderiaferrari  #recovering #ferrari

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